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Woodland Hills Bail Bonds

Life doesn’t always work as we’ve planned. Situations arise, circumstances take shape and suddenly you find yourself on the other side of the law. From being arrested and handcuffed to being booked in jail here in Woodland Hills, you or your loved one has just encountered a painful, confusing, angering and even depressing experience. As you and your loved one prepare to fight the charges, let The Bail Boys assist as your Woodland Hills, premiere bail bonds company.

Woodland Hills & Crime

According to data released from the L.A. Times in August of 2018, over the last three months, Woodland Hills averaged 5 violent crimes, 40 property crimes, 3 violent crimes, and 23 property crimes per week.

Your Woodland Hills Bail Bonds Company

Woodland Hills is one of the most picturesque communities in California, but there is nothing picturesque about you or your loved one being led away in handcuffs.

After your arrest, the court will set a bail amount based upon the charges against you. To be set free, you must “post bail.” This consists of giving the arresting entity either your cash or another object of cash value. Usually, individuals post bail with cash, but sometimes, a piece of property or home is “put up for the bail,” by signing over the ownership of that property or home to the courts. The posting of bail ensures that you will return to court to face your charges. Once you do return to court, your bail (cash or property) is returned to you.

The Bail Boys stands as one of the most efficient bail bonds companies in Woodland Hills. With The Bail Boys, you can be assured of detailed explanations of the process of posting bail and other procedures associated with the arrest.

Woodland Hills Bail Bondsmen Available 24 Hours

Let’s face it: not many arrests are made during “business hours.” Furthermore, there is never a “convenient” time for an arrest. As such, The Bail Boys offer their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays.

So, whether an argument broke out between family members during Thanksgiving dinner and several arrests ensued, or a fun day of cooking out during the Labor Day holiday resulted in a physical fight that led to your friends’ arrest, you can count on The Bail Boys to be there for you!

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When you or a loved one is arrested, a tremendous amount of worry sets in. The Bail Boys want to ease that worry for you and provide you with stellar bail bonds service. With a reputation of honor and dependability, The Bail Boys will always provide clients with high-quality service and flexible payment options.

So, for the reliable, accessible and dependable bail bond service you need, contact The Bail Boys. Proudly serving Woodland Hills and its surrounding communities, The Bail Boys have earned a reputation of excellence in bail bond service and will continue to work to exceed the expectations of each and every Woodland Hills client in need of their services.