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Long Beach Bail Bonds

If you or your loved one has been arrested here in Long Beach, California, then you need an experienced, skilled and driven bail bonds company; you need The Bail Boys. Serving Long Beach and its neighboring communities, The Bail Boys will effectively, affordably and efficiently get you out of jail.

Understanding Long Beach Crime

In a March 2018 article published in the Long Beach Business Journal, it was reported that the city witnessed a spike in violent crimes: “Despite the number of murders falling to a historic low last year, violent crime in Long Beach has skyrocketed – up 36.8% over a four-year period ending December 2017. This ugly trend continued into the new year. During the first two months of 2018, violent crime in Long Beach is up more than 15% compared to a similar period for 2017.”

The publication further added: “The violent crime numbers are especially troubling when compared to those of other large California cities. For example, San Francisco experienced a 6.3% drop in violent crime in 2017 compared to 2014. Oakland was down 10.8% while San Diego had just 7 more violent crimes in 2017 than it did in 2014…Large cities with double-digit increases include Bakersfield (up 9.1%), Sacramento (+13.4%), Riverside (+19.7%) and Fresno (+24.9%). But none approached the percentage increase registered in Long Beach.”

Given such statistics, arrests in Long Beach are quite prevalent and the need for a tenacious and skilled bail bonds company paramount.

Long Beach Bail Bonds Open Twenty-four Hours

Being arrested can be a very embarrassing and angering circumstance. Furthermore, arrests are rarely made at “convenient” times or days. With The Bail Boys, there is no such thing as “business hours” because their bail bonds services never cease operations. So, for the Christmas party that evolved into physical fights or the celebration at the local bar that culminated into your arrest in the late night hours, you can count on The Bail Boys to answer your call, ready to help you get out of jail fast.

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The Bail Boys provide affordable bail bonds services that exceed clients’ expectations. Call to inquire about their flexible payment options.

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The 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Bail Boys understand the strength of this amendment and have built their business on that strength, working relentlessly for your swift justice.

So, for your or your loved one’s arrest, contact Long Beach’s premier bail bonds company, The Bail Boys. They’re open now and waiting to show you why they are one of the most respected bail bonds companies here in Long Beach!