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Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Los Angeles Bail Bonds

When it comes to Los Angeles Bail Bonds you should have no fear. Call The Bail Boys Bail Bonds for immediate relief and assistance. We offer a variety of payment plans and can come to you.

We have the ability to offer low down payment rates varies from 0-3% down. See below if you qualify for the payment plans for a Los Angeles Bail Bonds.

2% Bail Bonds Los Angeles2% Bail Bonds

To qualify for our 2% bail bonds at our Los Angeles Bail Bond office this usually requires 1  to 2 people to co-sign for the defendant. They should have jobs and been at their job for 3 months and have proof of income and ids for proof of identity.

1% Bail Bonds Los Angeles1% bail bonds

1% bail bonds is available on approved credit. This is no magic number is can vary on the size of a bond and the person history of going to all court appearance.  This does require most of the times a co-sign and can be asked for collateral if bond is high such at 200k .

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