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Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, CA – The Walk of Stars

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a symbol of a life lived by many celebrities of the past and of modern day stars. Each star represents a different time period in Hollywood. One can see the stars which were put on their walkways on the first day they arrived on the set of their movie, and there are many others which may be hidden away in some of the smaller sections of the walkway, as well as some which are located inside the museum itself. The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California contains more than 2,000 five-pointed stars and bronze stars placed in the streets on 15 blocks of Hollywood Blvd and three blocks of Vine St in Hollywood, CA. See more here.

The history of the film industry in Hollywood was influenced by the fact that in the 1950s, the film industry was built in large part off of a network of real estate companies. These real estate companies were very interested in helping to develop movies into big successes and to get them into the theaters so as to attract more people to buy properties from them. As a result, there was a tremendous increase in traffic to the studios and to the various shopping centers and theatres located around Hollywood Blvd. These shopping and entertainment centers helped to make Hollywood Blvd. area one of the busiest areas in Los Angeles. See here for information about Experience Unique The Guinness World Record Museum at Disneyland in Los Angeles.

Although the Hollywood Walk of Fame is open daily, it is not open every single day. This is for the reason that during the day, there are many other types of attractions that are more easily accessible by the public. However, some of the other attractions that you will find in and around this area include the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Museum, Hollywood Bowl, and the Hollywood Bowl Film Festival.


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