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Experience Unique The Guinness World Record Museum at Disneyland in Los Angeles

“The Guinness World Record Museum is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Los Angeles, California. You’ll be astounded by the fun-filled museum, its many interactive exhibits and activities. In this museum, record breaking accomplishments documented in the most famous copyrighted work in the universe come alive! At this fun family activity in Los Angeles, you will meet an official Guinness World Record adjudicator and attempt to break a particular world record; watch as the crowd attempts to beat the record for the longest time a human has walked the circumference of the Earth or for the strongest weight that humans have lifted; listen as you hear other people discuss their record breaking attempts and watch as they attempt to beat them; and finally, taste some delicious food dishes as you eat these world records with your own personal chef. Los Angeles, CA information can be seen at this link.

The museum can be found in Santa Monica, which is just across the Santa Monica freeway from Hollywood. There are a lot of restaurants in that area, so it’s easy to enjoy the area with your family while experiencing the fun at the museum. When you arrive at the museum, there is plenty of parking available. The main room is a great size, with seating for hundreds. There is even a small video screen so you can watch others try their hand at beating the record. After each attempt, the record is reset and people watch as the audience tries again. They get points depending on how well they do and are able to take home a prize. Discover facts about Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California – A Remarkable Tourist Attraction.

The museum is open from May through October and closes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. The museum is open every weekend except for Mondays, when there is a Christmas show. and a Sunday lunchtime show. Admission to this museum is always free and you will get a free glass coffee mug, after every meal.  For a great time during your stay in Los Angeles, the Guinness World Records Museum has a great number of activities for visitors to enjoy. They have a variety of great entertainment options, ranging from food and wine to live performances. There is a separate area for children and a kids area that provides educational and fun activities. It also houses a water slide and many exhibits that allow guests to get up close and personal with the fish and the history of the world in which they live. If you have any questions, you can contact the museum through their customer service line or by using the toll free number listed on their website. Whether you want to find a new hobby, or simply have a blast at a museum filled with history, you will find it at the Guinness World Records Museum in Los Angeles, California.


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