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Bail Bonds San Bernardino, CA

Bail Bonds in San Bernardino, CA

It could happen to anyone. A night out gets a little out of control, you fall in with the wrong crowd, and you find yourself behind bars in San Bernardino County. When you encounter such as challenging situation, you can rest assured knowing Bail Boys Bail Bonds has your back.

We understand that accidents happen that mean you might need bail bonds. Our friendly and knowledgeable bail bond agents will work hard to get you out of county jail, whether you’re facing disorderly conduct, petty theft, or a DUI charge. We’ll help you post your bond and get back to your daily routine in no time.


Get Out of Jail in San Bernardino, CA

Most criminal cases in San Bernardino, CA, follow the same pattern. An arresting officer accuses someone of a crime, arrests them, and them brings to the local San Bernardino county jail. The police book the person for their offense, which includes taking photographs and fingerprints before they file charges.  

You can post bail after this point. Bail is often a cash payment that the arrested person gives to the San Bernardino court. It ensures they will show up for a future court date. If a person does not appear for their formal hearing, the court can keep the money and issue a warrant for their arrest. 

The price of bail bonds in San Bernardino, CA can vary based on a person’s age, location, and criminal history. Someone arrested for a minor crime and with no criminal record will have a low bail bond. Serious allegations, such as murder or domestic violence, drive the amount up. 

Our goal is to reunite you with your family and friends as quickly as possible. That is why we pay your entire bail bond, and you get to go home free. Our responsive and timely bonding agents minimize the downtime you spend in San Bernardino jail and help you avoid any unwanted financial stress.


When to Contact a Bail Bond Agent

After someone goes to jail in San Bernardino, CA, they receive a hearing. This meeting lets the presiding San Bernardino judge review the case and determine the amount. The only way to earn a release is to pay the bail bonds. San Bernardino bail authorities accept cash, property, stocks, and real estate as collateral. 

Most people do not have a few hundred dollars on hand to pay bail bonds. That is when you contact Bail Boys Bail Bonds of San Bernardino, CA. Our bonding agents help you cover the fee, regardless of the size. We send the payment to your San Bernardino, CA precinct, and you receive an immediate release.


24/7 Service

There is no way of knowing when or where you’ll need bail bonds. San Bernardino, CA bail bonds are notoriously expensive, too, with some cases costing thousands of dollars. Bail Boys Bail Bonds is here to assist you whenever you need help most. 

Booking and setting bail bonds for San Bernardino residents takes a couple of hours. We use that time to work on your case, so you do not end up in the county jail. That includes covering your bail bond on weekends, early mornings, and holidays.


The Bail Boys Bail Bonds Difference

Bail Boys Bail Bonds believes bail bonds should be straightforward and affordable. We take pride in a convenient and accessible system that comes with friendly service and transparent pricing. When you post San Bernardino bail with us, you never have to worry about unscrupulous charges like:

  • Travel expenses
  • Processing fees
  • Notary fees
  • Late filing premiums
  • Annual premiums

We understand that run-ins with the law can happen to anyone. Our team is available around-the-clock to assist you with posting bail bonds. San Bernardino, CA authorities work closely with our agents, so your release is nothing short of expedient. 

When you need bail bonds, look no further than Bail Boys Bail Bonds. Start the bonding process with our online form or by calling us at (213) 267-5793 today. While we hope you stay out of trouble, should you need our assistance, we look forward to helping you.

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