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77TH Street Bail Bonds

The Bail Boys is a licensed California bail office with over 20 years of experience and a bilingual team ready to assist you during your time of need. We have undertaken some of the most difficult bails in the state’s history, so if you’re looking for 77th street bail bonds, look no further than our professional staff.

77TH Street Bail Bonds Review

Our past customers have enjoyed our credible, reliable and accessible bail bond service, as evidenced by 77th street bail bonds reviews. Securing a bail bond in California doesn’t have to be stressful. Our average release time is anywhere from two to four hours and a bail bond can even be secured with no money down. Our experienced bail bond agents have helped countless individuals in serious situations, and they will certainly help you.

77TH Street Bail Bonds Open 24 Hours

After an arrest is made, the court sets a bail amount based on the charges. This can occur at any time, which is why our 77th street bail bonds service is open 24 hours, for your convenience. Upon hiring us, provide us with basic information such as the name of the defendant and where they are located (jail or the city). Our bail bondsman at our 77th street location will deliver the court the full bail amount, which will secure a release. After being released, our job as your California bail bondsman is to keep track of your court commitments. After all, bail is put in place to ensure someone will go to their court date.

Looking for the Best Prices on Bail Bonds in 77TH Street?

We at the Bail Boys offer affordable bail bonds when you need help the most. Our strong reputation comes from our high level of customer service and our experience in quickly securing the release of loved ones. Our flexible payment plans allow anyone to secure the quick bail bonds they need.

For more information about affordable bail bonds near you, call a 77th street bail bonds agent today at 213-388-2245 or toll free 1(844) 224-5269. We proudly serve the Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Diego counties.

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