Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Has someone been arrested and as a result you looking a Los Angeles Bail Bonds? Well if so then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE! Since we open The Bail Boys have provided the a wide variety of payment options. These will ranging from 0% down OAC and collateral. 1% on OAC as well as  2% with a co signer or OAC. In fact, we have a licensed California Bond Agent and have offices throughout Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Orange County, Sacramento. From Santa Barbara to Anaheim The Bail Boys service all of  California.

As the HOME of the 2% BAIL BONDS in Los Angeles, The Bail Boys delivers amazing customer service with the most flexible options when it comes to Los Angeles Bail Bonds.
Want a FREE quote about 2% BAIL BONDS,or any of are other payment options.  CALL US TODAY. We speak multiple languages, including English and Spanish. We are open 24/7 So we can bail anyone out of any jail throughout California. With over 100 FIVE STAR REAL CLIENT REVIEWS The Bail Boys is truly the service you want when you need it.

1% Bail Bonds

1% Bail Bonds
For first time arrests this will be a great solution to get 1 % bail bonds you can place 1 % down so you can make monthly bail bond payments. 

2 % Bail Bonds

CALL NOW so you can get your loved ones out of custody asap with 2% bail bonds. You can put only 2% down so you can reunite your family. So be the hero who brings them home

0% bail bonds

0% down bail bonds? Simply put its pay later that week so  you can have your loved one out today so bring them home. We understand  people need a few days so they can get thing in line call today to see if you approve this is a case by case situation for no money down bail bonds


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